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Thread: upgraded to 3.10c2 Need Help

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    upgraded to 3.10c2 Need Help

    I unexpectedly upgraded to 3.10c2 on my gxcebot.

    so I used nic-install to re-install my cachecard drivers and it and bash and telnet and ftp is working...

    But whenever I try and install anything else:



    I get this kind of error...

    bash-2.02# ./
    bash: ./ No such file or directory

    I entered
    mount -o remount,rw /

    because all my aliases are gone...

    can someone help..

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    I finally got 'bin' installed and installed 31fixsub... now it constatly reboots when it gets past either aquired guide data and just switches to live tv or when I hiut the tivo button to go to tivo central...

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    Ok, weird....

    I finally figured out that 31changefont hadn't completly worked... it had renamed the old font but not copied the new one and thus NO FONT = Instant reboot...

    renamed futurra,ttf to old name and copied over and violla ... Workng tivo...
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