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Thread: "Newbie Guide" index thread

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    "Newbie Guide" index thread

    In recent weeks, a number of fresh "newbie guides" have surfaced. This thread serves as an attempt to provide a quick index so that it is easy to find and compare the documentation that people have posted. As such it is not a discussion/support/help thread. Please PM me with any corrections so as not to clutter the thread.

    I remind you that any "hacking guides" you see posted are for reference use only. They generally do not explain the underlying concepts, tell you what the Linux commands do, give you links for further reading, or teach you anything else you need to know to maintain and troubleshoot your system. If you do not fully understand what the guide is telling you to do, you should not follow the instructions until you have figured it out. Sometimes it is easy to set up a hacked box, but it's likely to cause you much grief (and sometimes data loss) when something breaks. This stuff isn't perfect, and it's not designed for novice end-users. It's a hobby, not a product.

    Additionally, much of the information in these guides will be outdated. In particular, the BASH_ENV-then-monte hack (and therefore any guides or ISOs which install it) is obsolete. My advice is to read every guide you can find, take everything you read with a grain of salt, then figure out a plan of action from there.

    Here are some guides I have seen referenced lately; please post links to anything else relevant:

    (Edit: newer guides were moved to post #2 as they didn't fit here)

    Original listing follows:

    "Turbonet Software Installation" by 9thtee/silicondust: (Series1)

    "Tivo Hacking 101 for Newbies" by captain_video: (Series2)

    "DTivo Hacking FAQ for 2.5.2 and 3.1" by captain_video: (Series1)

    "Quick Start to Monte on a Series 2 TiVo" by cobelli: (Series2-DTV)

    "The Full Monte" by d7o (Series2)

    "Newbie Guide" by drapatin: (Series2)

    "Hacking your HDVR2 with 4.0.1b image and Sleepers ISO" by Haderak: (Series2-DTV-Uma4)

    "Hack your TiVo with Sleeper Tutorial" by HanzaPlastiQue: (Series2)

    "Hinsdale How-To TiVo Upgrade/Upgrades" by Hinsdale: (Series1/Series2)

    "Hack Series 2 stand alone guide and files" by Kingstud: (Series2-SA)

    "Newbie guide to the HR10-250 Updated" by MarkZ: (Series2-DTV-HD)

    "Series 2 Stand Alone TiVo Hacking Guide" by Player1: (Series2-SA)

    "TiVo Network Hack How-To Guide for Beginners" by SteveJenkins: (Series1)

    "My HR10-250 Hacking How-To" by ][ronMan: (Series2-DTV-HD)

    Older Series1-DTV guides:

    Series1 = Series 1 (PowerPC) hardware (no USB ports)
    Series2 = Series 2 (MIPS R5432) hardware with USB ports and no nightlight
    Series2.5 = New Series 2 (MIPS BCM7317) hardware (TCD54xxxx and friends) with nightlight
    SA = Standalone unit, no DirecTV tuners built in
    DTV = DirecTV combo unit with 2 satellite tuners
    HD = High definition
    Uma4 = Original standard definition DirecTV combo Series2 with no "RID"/"reciever ID" number (HDVR2, DSR7000, DVR39)

    I will close this post with a few words for anyone who feels inclined to write new hacking documentation:

    There are more than enough guides.

    Don't waste your time writing another redundant howto. Instead, write detailed, well-researched technical documentation that provides references to development threads and other "primary" information sources. Concentrate on educating, not instructing. Emphasize concepts and details, not steps. The more users we have who understand how the system works (at all levels), the better off we will all be.
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    Update 2004/12/17:

    "Newbie 4+x on RID Guide" by HUGE (Series2-Uma6)

    Update 2004/10/14:

    "HOWTO on using a new drive to expand tivo" by aet (Series2)

    "Hacking your Series 2 in 2004" by jlangstn (Series2)

    "Series 2 DIY (no scripts/ISOs) killhdinitrd walkthrough" by markfinn (Series2)

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