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Thread: Mplayer INSTALLING ????

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    Mplayer INSTALLING ????

    Does m player go on windows side or do you have to install it on the tivo. Also can cygwin compile the source code. I am a newbie at cygwin and really don't know the commands to compile it, but if someone can help, point me in the write direction. I can compile it, but when i run it it says can't find codecs in the usr/directory etc..Falling back etc...Can not connect to tivo by connection refused. I just want to stream from tivo to my pc(windows xp). I know i can't use windows xp enviroment that why i downloaded cygwin. I would really like to get this to work...Any help or comments are appreciated.....

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    Talking mplayer


    I can tell you that mplayer goes on the Windows side and vserver goes on the tivo side. Sorry I can't help you with anything else. I still have alot to learn and don't want to mess anyone up.

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    soapydonutz is right. vserver is for the TiVo, and Mplayer is for the desktop computer.

    You don't need to build anything, the Windows installer for tivo-mplayer works fine:, or you can take your chances with a newer version from or

    However, have you considered just using the vserver / TyShow combination? It seems like that would be easier for streaming since it allows you to use a player you already have (WMP) instead of requiring a whole new one.
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    i got it going now.. thanks for the pointers

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