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Thread: Tivo reboots while using "Search by Title" feature

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    Tivo reboots everytime I use the "Search by Title" feature

    I have a hacked Series 1 Hughes DTivo, 120GB HD. Everything seems to be running fine. I'm able to extract movies via Tystudio, run telnet, and transfer files via tivoftpd. However, when I try to do a "Search by Title" search, my Tivo reboots. Every other function seems to work. I able to record, use my guide, and play shows from the "Now Playing" menu. I have no idea why this is happening. Does anyone have any ideas? I'd appreciate your responses.

    I thought it maybe the tivoweb, but I shut it off and removed it from my file. Rebooted the Tivo, but the problem stills persists.

    On the advise of PortlandPaw, I tried an "mfsassert -please" command. It listed some errors then GSOD.
    I still have this problem.

    I'm interested in any comments or thoughts.

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    Sounds like it could be a hosed file structure. I've never tried it, but I understand that "mfsassert -please" will clean it up. But be ready to wait awhile.

    EDIT: The spacing of the post could be confusing. From a bash prompt, that's "mfsassert{space}{dash}please"
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