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Thread: HowTos Only

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    HowTos Only

    Post your Favorite DTiVo related HowTo, unless it's already posted. If you see someone asking a question that's covered in a HOWTO, send them here. If they say they READ the howto, and still have questions, help them out, then revise the HowTo.

    Items not belonging in this thread will be removed, so if you want answers to your questions, don't ask them here.

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    Here is my "How To"
    Its a newbie guide

    located at

    New updated link to my Newbie guide
    New stuff, step by step for the basics. Series 2 included.. and it includes the original as well.

    It Has:

    1. Unix Commands you need to know
    2. Detailed Commands
    3. Installing and accessing a Tivo drive on your PC
    4. Correctly mounting your Tivo drive
    5. Programs you need
    6. Surgeons Instructions for using Extreme 2.5 (copied from his Readme)
    7. How to get "bash back" and how to correct the line errors
    in bash (when all lines seem spaced wrong)
    8. Installing / running a locals script
    9. Installing / running the 900s.tcl script
    9A Installing MVChannels
    10. Installing TivoWeb (not finished yet)
    11. Linux: Creating a boot disk
    12. TivoMad
    13. BlessTivo
    14. Creating a BootCD

    And now has better commands and usage layout from TeraTerm to Joe editing. (this is not for the experienced)

    Its not perfect, but could be helpful to new guys.
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    Below is a step-by-step of what I did to get the local channels. Please let me know of any errors and I will fix it. If this helps, great! You are very welcome. If it sucks, well, you get what you pay for!



    1) Download teraterm. You need this.
    2) Using teraterm, get the bash prompt
    3) Start your web browser and go to the site.
    4) Take the mvch file from this thread -
    5) unzip it, but DO NOT open the files. IF you do, you need to run dos2unix on them.
    6) On the Tivo Bash, type: cd / <enter> <--This means press the enter key
    7) On the Tivo Bash, type: cd /var/hack <enter>
    8) Then type: dir <enter>. You should see some files go by, amoung them will be joe. This will just show you that you are in the correct directory.
    9) At the Tivo Bash, type: rz <enter>. That tells the tivo to expect a file.
    10) Then, on the Teraterm window, go to 'file', then 'transfer', then 'zmodem'. It will bring up a box looking for what file to send. Pick Channels.dat from the directory where you unzipped the file.
    11) Do steps 9 and 10 three times, and send all of the files you unzipped earlier (channels.dat, mvchannels.tcl, and another one).

    Now, we have all the tools we need to watch local channels on a DirectTivo.

    12) At the bash prompt, type: chmod +x mvchannels.tcl <enter>. This makes the tcl file executable.
    13) Type at the bash prompt: ./mvchannels.tcl reload <enter>. This clears everything. You need to run this! You may get a bunch of errors saying 'channel not found'. Ignore them and wait for it to finish (took a few minutes on mine).
    14) To activate the local channels, type at the bash prompt: ./mvchannels.tcl -loop=0 -file=/var/hack/channels.dat <enter>. A bunch of stuff will scroll by, and it take a little bit to get the prompt back. As soon as it starts running, you can start going through the guide and the channels will show up.
    15) Now I think we need to add it to the rc.sysinit in case of a power failure. Before you start, set teraterm to 25 lines on the display. Edit rc.sysinit by:
    a) Type: cd /etc/rc.d <enter>
    b) Type: ls <enter>. Make sure rc.sysinit is in this folder.
    c) Type: joe rc.sysinit
    d) Using your arrow keys, go all the way to the bottom of the file. You want the cursor to be 1 line above the line that states something like 'echo rc.sysinit complete'.
    e) Type: /var/hack/mvchannels.tcl -loop=0 -sdelay=3 -file=/var/hack/channels.dat > /dev/null & <enter>
    f) Now press <ctrl>-K, then d. It will verify the save file name.
    g) Now, use <ctrl>-k, the x to exit Joe.

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    How to Install VI

    1. Upload Vim to /var/hack/bin
    2. Upload lib*.so to /var/hack/lib
    3. Upload .termcap to /var/hack
    4. Modify .bashrc to fit your own needs, like PATH, LIB PATH etc.
    5. Upload .bashrc to /
    6. Type: source /.bashrc
    7. Copy /.bashrc to /var/hack under a new name (rootbashrc)
    8. Move /var/hack/.bashrc to a new name (hackbashrc)
    9. Delete /var/hack/.bashrc
    10. Cat /var/hack/rootbashrc /var/hack/hackbashrc >/var/hack/.bashrc
    11. Chmod 755 /var/hack/bin/vim
    12. Reboot
    13. Done.


    PS - Thanks Bubba
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    26 step-by-step tivo v2.5 hack

    This is a collection of post put together in a well tested text file.

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    25Xtreme How/Why to

    Okay, a How To/Why To for 25Xtreme.

    Maybe this will cut down on the question posts.

    Why To:

    1. Dual tuner activation
    2. BASH on the serial port
    3. Automatic prom update for fastboot (among other things)
    4. A service "FIXUP" which you can otherwise identify after setup using the command tail /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit
    5. Automatic blessing of B drive with DTivoMad if you install both drives in the PC during 25Xtreme setup

    How To:

    1. Remove all drives from PC (you don't have to take them out, just disconnect them)
    2. Install an IDE CD-Rom on the Primary Master
    3. Install Tivo A drive on Secondary Master, and Tivo B drive (if you are using one) on Secondary Slave (making them HDC and HDD)
    4. Set PC BIOS to boot from CD-Rom, in some cases you must verify that the drive is detected by the BIOS, it has been reported that WindowZ will function even if it isn't, but you cannot boot from it
    5. Hit enter at the first and second prompt
    6. Run 25xtreme and answer questions
    7. After the restore is done, it will ask if you want to run DTivoMad, if you are installing a B drive, say yes and answer it's questions (is Tivo over 140GB is asking about the total of both drives)
    8. Install drive(s) in your DTivo and turn it on
    9. Go through a reboot and a database update
    10. Re-run the guided satellite dish setup to turn on the second receiver
    11. Hook up a serial cable to the unit and your PC for BASH access
    12. If you did a tail of /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit you know you need to create and protect two files and make a test call (I cannot give any more details as per Surgeons request)
    13. Transfer and install a locals fix if you like
    14. Transfer and install VI, PPP, TivoWeb, or whatever else you want (you don't NEED any of these really)
    15. Enjoy!


    PS - PM me with coprrections please.
    like that-------------^
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    How To Make a Serial Cable

    Go to Radio Shack and buy these items:

    D-subminiature connector hood - Cat. No. 276-1539D
    D-Subminiature connector 9 position Female - Cat. No. 276-1538C
    6 Ft. 1/8" stereo extension audio cable - Cat. No. 42-2387A

    Solder the following:

    Tip Red Wire -> Pin2
    Middle Black Wire -> Pin3
    Outer Ring Silver Wire -> Pin5

    That's it. Now you have your own cable for under $5.

    From a post by: Cellmix

    Credit given to: splitkane, Hoochster, and dsswhat


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    How To setup FIXDEMO

    1. Unzip the file.
    2. Edit with a Unix happy editor, I use TextPad, to change sleep time. (Reports say that 1800 is working the best)
    3. Transfer to /var/hack
    4. Execute: chmod 755 /var/hack/fixdemo.tcl
    5. Edit rc.sysinit and add the following line right before the bash call:

    /var/hack/fixdemo.tcl > /dev/null &

    6. Reboot


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    Fixup and bash install

    This HowTo is for you if you want to get file access under v2.5 to enable bash and install fixup02c without using any premade images such as v2.5Xtreme or Tivolater25. This would save your recordings and might be useful for those who have a PC that will not boot from CD or have a slow internet connection for downloading a large image file. It will also optionally install 8 popular programs on the DTiVo.

    • Procedure:
    • 1. Start with bash access under v2.00 or v2.01
    • 2. Flash prom with v2.5 speed-boot code (instructions in zip).
    • 3. Let phone call upgrade HD and reboot on pending restart to load v2.5 software. Or restore a v2.5 image.
    • 4. Put "A" HD into PC and run fixupZ (a shell script) to install fixup02c.tcl, enable bash and clear the initrd, and optionally install the program tools head, joe, ls, lsattr, ps, rmdir, tail, touch and automatically set stty sane on bash.

    All of the software and instructions are included in the zip except a linux bootup like Dylan's boot disk or Kazymyr boot CD which can be downloaded here
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    Solderless Serial Cable

    If you buy a serial cable with a male & female db 9 connector at rat shack (or an old one lieing around the house) and get a double ended 1/8 stereo plug cable (or an old one from a sepaker set from the computer), you have everything you need. To put this in lamens terms so anyone can understand.

    Cut each cord in half. Set aside the female DB9 from the serial cable , you will be using the male end.

    Take the DB9 male connector and Strip the wires. You only need 3 Red, Yellow and Black.

    Strip the wires of the stereo plug. The colors will be Red White and bare or exposed stranded wiring. Twist the stranded unshielded wire to make it a more firm wire.

    This is how they are wired up:

    Serial Cable ----------------Stereo Plug cable

    Yellow--------------------------------Bare wire

    These wires are generally all the same with colors used. This should give you a perfectly working serial cable. You can of course use solid phone cord 2-4 pair to give you some extra distance. I have 50 feet in between mine. This works great!

    EDIT by mrblack51: to all who read this, note that the colors are not standardized. while many cables will use the same color set, it is no guarantee that these colors will match yours. your best option is to use a multimeter to determine which wire is which.
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    26 Cleaning your Logs files out...

    Create a file in the /bin directory called "ClearLogs.tcl"

    Your file should look like this:
    rm -rf /var/log
    mkdir /var/log

    Now that you have created the file make sure to "chmod 777 ClearLogs.tcl"

    Now edit the "/tvlib/tcl/tv/TClient-lib.itcl" file.
    The line immediately following the "fixup02c.tcl" code insert:
    exec /bin/ClearLogs.tcl

    That should do it... The next time your Tivo (TRIES TO) makes a call it should clean out the log directory. You can test this by forcing the call then looking in the log directory.

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    26 Changing your splash screen and other graphics.

    Notes on changing .cs22 files:


    osdman.exe PromScreen2Version7.cs22
    (output will be PromScreen2Version7.tga)
    osdman.exe PromScreen2Version7.tga
    (output will be PromScreen2Version7.tiv)
    (rename to PromScreen2Version7.cs22)


    osdman.exe problems:

    1). osdman.exe will not convert any file with an extention that is in capital letters (ie: .CS22)

    2). osdman.exe will not convert any file that has more then one periond in its name (ie: InstallingSoftware.NTSC.cs22) You will need to re-name them to something with a letter instead of a period then rename them back when you are done and ready to upload to the Tivo.


    When converting a tga back to a cs22.. the osdman.exe will output a .tiv file from the .tga You will need to rename the .tiv to .cs22 before uploading it back to Tivo.


    NTSC files:
    Files should be 720 X 480 x 256 (ie: Wide, High, Colors)
    Indexed Color / 8 Bits/Channel

    PAL files:
    Files should be 720 X 568 x 256 (ie: Wide, High, Colors)
    Indexed Color / 8 Bits/Channel

    NOTE: If you Live in the US you are 99.99% most likely using NTSC screen size.


    All the files included in this file are stored in the /tvbin directory. Look around you might find more.


    When replacing the .cs22 file on the tivo don't forget it is case sensitive so make sure it is the same casing as the original.

    Original Names:


    More Info:

    Written by Taran...

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    26 Faster connect speed and more.

    With a .bashrc file you can not only set aliases for your bash shell but you can set the speed your shell to run out. Here is an example of a .bashrc file

    Plase this .bashrc file in the root of the TiVo.

    stty sane
    stty 115200
    alias md="mkdir"
    alias rd="rmdir"
    alias type="cat"
    alias del="rm"
    alias copy="cp"
    alias move="mv"
    alias ren="mv"
    alias ed="joe"
    alias edit="joe"
    alias dir="ls -lart"
    alias dw="ls"

    P.s. Don't forget to connect at 115200 speed now instead of 9600. Use a good terminal program and not to long of a serial cable or you will have to lower the speed for good zmodem transfers and other stuff.

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    Actualy I had to use the orange wire.

    My recommendation for anybody who is attempting this is to use a multimeter. Without one I would have probably taken days of trial and error to get it to work.

    BTW, I did buy all of my parts from rat shack, and it was a regular DB9 cable (also on top of that, the stereo cable had a black wire instead of a white one).

    Just use some common sense. If at first you fail, just use your multimeter to match pins 2 3 and 5 to their proper rings on the stereo connector as described in the soldering method.

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    Hughes DTivo 2.5 Bash/PROM How-To

    HowTo Document for the Hughes DirecTV with Tivo receiver:
    PROM Upgrade / Kernel Filesystem Check Disable /
    Enabling the Bash Shell on the Serial Port

    This HowTo walks you through the entire process of taking a new Hughes DTivo which is already at version 2.5, doing the PROM and Kernel fixes so that you can safely write files into the 2.5 filesystem, enables the bash prompt, installs some utilities, and sets up the vi editor. It also covers the case where you are starting with a 2.0 DTivo.

    You would want to run this procedure BEFORE you add a second drive or try to install TivoNet.

    Note: this HowTo does NOT contain any information that will help you to avoid the DirecTV and Tivo monthly fees.

    You can consider this an alternative to the "Extreme" approach, aimed at those who prefer the hands-on approach and who want to know everything that they are changing.

    I realize that this HowTo has a lot of overlap with many other HowTos. In fact, 99% of the information in this document I learned from people on this forum and from their HowTo documents. It is my belief that this HowTo adds value because it ties together many separate procedures and explains the sequencing.

    I am providing both a MS Word version and a .txt file version. I strongly recommend that you read the MS Word version because without the formatting it's hard to read.

    If you do not have a 2.0 backup of your DTivo and now it is running 2.5, you will need to download a 2.0 DTivo image, for example from: I have not tried downloading or using that image, but this thread: has a lot of discussion about that.


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