Ok, this is getting very old. As far as I can remember this all started with 3.1.0c. When I finally got the update I had to redo most of my hacks all the way from killinitrd. Long story short my DSR6000 has been randomly rebooting, and as far as I can tell it seems to be tied to my hacking. Also I recently hacked my parents DSR6000, and now theirs also is suffering. Until I hack their tivo the only upgrade was a larger hard drive. Their tivo was clean and trouble free all the way through 3.1.0c2. This hacking has been planned since before 3.1.0c released but I simply haven't had the time to sit down and do it.

Anyway back to the short story. Their hacking went very easily and seemed to be trouble free. So after everything was done I made a backup of theirs and restored it to my tivo. After a few minor fixes after the restore (error #51, blocking of modem test) my tivo was back up and running. It was cleaner and faster than ever before.

Now both of the tivos and randomly rebooting. I have been unable to find any commonality to the timing of the reboots. Sometimes it's recording one show, sometimes two, or none. Sometimes it's been sitting playing the live buffer without interaction. Sometimes I'm watching a recorded show.

The crash and reboot itself though is always the same, even on both tivos.
Here is an excerpt from my tverr log.

Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgVendorObject[159]: Failed to open connection: error 0x190002
Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgReaderThread[159]: Tmk Fatal Error: Thread ApgReaderThread <159> died due to signal 11
Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgReaderThread[159]: NIP 0x1d92b98 link 0x1d93134 ctr 28213784
Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgReaderThread[159]: R00 0x01d93134 R01 0x7ffff320 R02 0x00000100 R03 0x00000000
Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgReaderThread[159]: R04 0x00000001 R05 0x00000056 R06 0x00000008 R07 0x00800000
Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgReaderThread[159]: R08 0x80808080 R09 0x7ffff0e0 R10 0x01010101 R11 0x7ffff088
Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgReaderThread[159]: R12 0x00000018 R13 0x01ea3010 R14 0x00000000 R15 0x00000000
Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgReaderThread[159]: R16 0x018d638c R17 0x00000000 R18 0xffffffff R19 0x00000000
Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgReaderThread[159]: R20 0x7ffff958 R21 0x00000016 R22 0x01e915b4 R23 0x01ea0000
Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgReaderThread[159]: R24 0x01e10000 R25 0x00000001 R26 0x7f6e3d50 R27 0x80000002
Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgReaderThread[159]: R28 0x0000007f R29 0x00000000 R30 0x00000000 R31 0x00000000
Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgReaderThread[159]: Tmk Thread Backtrace: 1ad0780 7ffff238 7ffff338 1d93134 1a14d28 1a14d84 1a06e9c 1a064c4 1a149dc 1a14ddc 1a06de4 1a0645c 1a055d0 1a08cac 1a08864 19e64ec 19e628c 1bdbff0 1bdd3ec 1bdd4a4 1bdc198 19e5ec0 19e5d4c 1bcbd50 1cada10 19e6f8c 1cebbf8 1bd7b9c 19e6f0c 1bd7b48 1bdbff0 1bdd3ec 1bdd4a4 1bdc198 1bd7a84 19e6c34 19e73a8 19e764c 1cfca24 1800134
Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgReaderThread[159]: Tmk Fatal Error: Thread died due to signal 11
Sep 24 22:48:46 (none) ApgReaderThread[159]: Invoking rule 834: rebooting system
Even stranger is that both tivos often reboot at nearly the same time. This last one actually has the exact same timecode in the error log.

Here is what I've done in the way of hacks.

serial bash
tivoapp: noscrable
tivoapp: nowplaying sort
tivoapp: disable yellow star promos
tivoapp: 30 second skip
tivoapp: enable backdoors

Only since version 3.1.0c have I used the tivoapp hacks. And only since then have these reboots happened. Before then I was using the same version of all the other hacks without trouble. I've even restored a backup of tivoapp on my tivo and only done the noscramble and sort hacks as I don't take advantage of the others, and still it reboots.

Anyone have any ideas? If you need any more info let me know and I'll post it.