I am in need of some clarification on a few steps. I am trying to add a TivoNET to a Sony SAT-T60 so that I can use extractstream. Here are the steps as I understand them in order to install the TivoNET board:

1) Remove hard drive from DirecTivo and install into a PC as secondary master
2) Boot using DBD
3) Mount the TIVONET Floppy and run the script (I have already modified IP settings etc.)
?4) Here is where I am unsure. I read something about having to use chattr +i on the files that were copied to the DirecTivo drive. Is this necessary and if so how do I do it?
5) Install the fully configured and tested TivoNET board and place the drive back in the DirecTivo
6) Boot and try to ping the DirecTivo