Well, as I posted last week, DirectTV was installed over the weekend. I was very pleased that I was able to configure my TiVo to handle both Cable & Sattellite at the same time, yay.

But hte DTV Receiver that I purchased does not support channel changing via RS-232 port. The IR control works "okay", but it does flake sometimes and miss a # and mess up the show I want recorded.

The DTV Receiver I bought was bought because the salesman GUARANTEED me that the serial cable would work.

So after I return this receiver (the Samsung HD DTV Receiver), what DTV Receivers are out there where the serial cable WILL work?

(HD is not required. I bought it cause it was on sale and had the RS-232 port in the back, but Samsung tech support told me they don't make ANY that support that feature, and the serial port in their models is for future expansion to allow connection to a computer.)