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Thread: ultimate tv wont upgra7

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    ultimate tv wont upgrade

    I recently activated my RCA ultimate tv reciever with directv.
    This unit hasnt been activated in some time and is still running on version 3.5 s/w.
    The reciever is plugged into the phone line but dosnt seem to be taking the version 3.7 do u get the update!!!???
    Also...tuner 1 fails and dosnt work....but in the history list in my shows there is a repeated list of status changes....when u view them they say...
    "the new number of tuners is 1"
    then the next on will say
    "the new number of tuners is 2"
    and so on alternating back and all the way to the bottom!
    Will the software upgrade correct this i can get both tuners workin?
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