My series 2 (not high def) recently had 3.1.5e downloaded to it. From prior posts this appears to be an lba48 kernel, as opposed to the non lba48 kernel (3.1.1c) I am currently running.

I know how to install the 3.1.5e, prevent reboot, swap with killintrd 3.1.5, etc. My question deals with the MFS partion structure difference between lba48 and non-lba48

1. Since the hard drive I have is formatted/partitioned for a non lba48 kernel, can I use the lba48 kernel (3.1.5e) or do I have to reformat the drive with the lba48 aware version of MFSTools? (My guess is no since I "assume" that D* would not have downloaded this version if reformatting was needed.)

2. The drive I have is 200g, but only formatted to 137g since it was running a non-lba48 kernel. If I install the 3.1.5e on the current drive, backup the drive with the new software using MFStools, and reformat the drive to the full 200g with the lba48 aware MFStools, can I restore the "old" non lba48 image to the "new" lba48 formatted drive?