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Thread: SA Tivo Questions

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    SA Tivo Questions

    I have two DirecTV Tivos on my network with HMO. I found a post on a Dish Network site about using a stand alone Tivo connected to a Dish IRD to record Dish network programing. This would be ideal if I could connect it to my HMO. I have never had a SA Tivo so I need some info. If I want to use it for HMO and manual recording (I would control the Dish IRD seperately) would the Tivo need to be subscribed? (My DirecTv Tivos are subscribed through DirecTV) Can I set up manual recording to say start at 10 pm and go off at 11 pm? If so could I set it to record from say 8-9 and the 10-11?

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    SA Tivo

    A Stand Alone Tivo on Dish is doing nothing more than controlling the DishNet receiver via IR blasters and recording the content via the RCA connections (or worse, the RF via ch. 3/4). The recordings would all have to be BEST quality to even come close to a DirecTivo (and they won't be close, but decent enough.)

    It could be done but the true question is why? I also have digital cable and my SA could record from it, but the quality is severly degraded because of the digital to analog back to digital conversion. The SA units use MPEG compression that the DirecTivo's don't have to deal with since they deal with a raw mpeg stream.


    I see what you are trying to do, you are just simply looking to view Dish stuff on DirecTivo, then the answer is Yes, it can be done with an SA unit, don't expect the same quality though, the SA's don't record well since they use mpeg compression, even in "best quality", but it will accomplish your goal and is still very watchable, better than cable if you use RCA or even better Svideo connections, but still not close to original signal.


    Ok, I even re-read your post again. Yes, if you do not hack the SA, then you would need to sub it. If you hack the SA and block access to, then yes, you could do HMO to watch recorded DishNet on the SA to DirecTivo units with HMO hacked in.
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