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Thread: Help! GSOD

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    Help! GSOD

    I have just recently acquired a Tivo HDR612 off of eBay and the bloody thing GSOD's on me. At first I thought 'Ok I'll just re-image the HD and everything will be fine' but it still GSOD's on me (120GB HD) . Then today I went out and bought a new 160GB Seagate HD, imaged it, setup telnet access and it still GSOD on me. Anyone have any ideas? The last thing I can think of is maybe there is something wrong with the image but I don't have another image to test that with.

    Thank you for the assistance!


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    You need to leave the Tivo alone when you get the GSOD. The Tivo has detected an error in the filesystem and will attempt to correct it on its own. In most cases this can take as little as 15 minutes to accomplish but sometimes can take much longer. If the problem persists and does not correct itself after 24-48 hours then your backup image is probably hosed and you'll need to get another one. Also, make sure you've allocated a large enough swap space during the restore process (the -s 127 command with mfsrestore). Otherwise, the Tivo will never be able to recover from the GSOD sincew it uses the swap space for the repair. If it's too small it can't fix itself.
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