First of all I would like to thank everyone on this board for all the great information. I had previously used Sleepers scripts to hack my DVR40, but wanted an HDVR running 4.0. After bidding on eBay multiple times for a used HDVR, I was finally able to get one, and then started my quest for knowledge

I ended up using the killhdinitrd method, and was able to get a functioning unit in about 4 hours. I then spent the next night getting a bunch of other hacks working. All that's left for now is putting on mfs_ftp, and tivowebplus.

I have a few questions..

- I'm using a Seagate 120GB drive, and my tivo is only reporting 96 hours. I believe the image I used 4.0.1b-02-xxx (which i got off eMule), is from a standalone 80 hour unit, since after expanding to my new drive it reported 48 hours more. I had previously tried another 4.0.1b image (which was missing backgrounds), and my unit had reported around 104 hours. Have others seen 96 hours with a similar setup?

- I'm loading the network drivers located in /lib/modules in my file. I have a Netgear FA120 adapter. I read somewhere that it isn't necessary to actually load these drivers, and that the network could be configured through the tivo setup menu. Is that essentially the same? I may try loading the newer network drivers to support USB2.0 later, so I'd imagine if I did that I'd have to load the drivers manually anyways.

- Will I be able to transfer shows using mfs_ftp from a DVR40 running 3.1.1c to my HDVR running 4.0.1b, or will there be a conflict?

Those are pretty much the only questions I have so far. Thanks again!