It has been a long time since I last tinkered with the stuff under the hood in a tivo. My last hacked tivo was a phillips 112 in fact. Recently I switched my phone service to Vonage and my unhacked Samsung SIR-s4040R won't dial out.

I have pretty much given up on getting it to work over Vonage so I'm looking to hack the Samsung just so I can use a USB ethernet adapter. I've been reading threads here for hours and I still don't have a handle on the facts. Help would be greatly apprecated.


1) Does it even make sense to hack the Samsung S2 DTivo to make daily calls over the Internet? If I understand correctly data comes over the satellite feed so all the daily call does is report on my usage, PPV, etc. Will DirectTV be satisified if my tivo reports in over the internet? If not, then I guess there is no point. If a S2 DTivo doesn't phone home, what is the behavior? If the only loss is the ability to order PPV, I can live with that.

2) Is it correct that I can downrev my kernel in order to enable killhdinitrc?
System information reports my software version as 3.1.1e-01-2-381 which I think I understand to mean that I have a 3.1.1e kernel which killhdinitrd won't patch. Is 3.1.1c the kernel I want to use?

3) Anybody have a 4040R reliably working over vonage? Any tips for me? I've tried dialing prefixes of ,#019 ,#319 ,#019 and have been able to make a test call but not a daily call with that last one.. but not reliably.

4) Can you think of anything else I should have asked?