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Thread: Need Help with networking Series 1 DTiVo...

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    Need Help with networking Series 1 DTiVo...

    Well, we finally got DTV locals in my area and I have decided to dust off the old DTiVo and sub to DTV again. I have a Series 1 with a 120G and 80G drive installed with Superzapís 2.5.2 upgrade. The 2.5.2 is a fresh install that I performed about 1 year ago. The DTiVo has been sitting that long

    Iíve decided to do it right this time and also connect the TiVo to my network. Iíve done some reading in these forums the last couple of days and have some questions/concerns.

    I think Iím going to purchase a TurboNet or a CacheCard and then run the Cat5 cable out of the TiVo cabinet and run it to an external wireless access point. Please let me know if you would advise against this. I decided to go with the TurboNet or CacheCard and the wireless base instead of the AirNet because I donít want to run the unit with the case off and the unit is fairly far from my Cable router/hub. I also decided to go this route because I think I will be able to use 802.11g, and if I understand what I have read here correctly, this will give me greater speeds then are possible with the AirNet. Please correct me if Iím wrong.

    Hereís my current network setup. I have a cable modem that came from my cable company. I purchased a Linksys BEFSR11 back when I only had one computer in the house. Since that time I have had to purchase a Linksys 4 port hub in order to connect two other computers.

    Iím assuming I can purchase a wireless base unit, plug it into my current hub and then purchase a wireless access point and connect it to my TurboNet or CacheCard at the TiVo. Is this correct?

    What wireless base unit would you recommend?

    What wireless access point would you recommend?

    What is the easiest way to get the network cable out of the DTiVo and to the wireless access point without damaging the case?

    I guess the big question is; am I on the best track here or should I rethink my strategy before I make a purchase?

    I know this is a long message. Any help would be appreciated.

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