I recently installed a larger hard drive and Airnet in my UK S1 Tivo. The HD upgrade was very easy and went fine. The Airnet installation seemed straightforward, but it just won't connect to my network. The green LED on the PC Card comes on steady green on first switch on, then just as Tivo gets to the end of it's powering up sequence, the PC Card LED starts flashing, which I assume means it is not associated. I can't ping it, telnet to it, or get an ftp connection. All of these simply time out.

My network is 802.11g running in mixed mode. I have other b only devices connected to it with no trouble. However, I have tried it on forced b mode with no success. I also tried with and without WEP encryption, and with and without MAC filtering enabled. Nothing works! Anyone else come across this that knows what the problem is?