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Thread: 4.x+RID / uma6fix - files and information

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    4.x+RID / uma6fix - files and information

    this thread provides files and instructions that enable the use of 4.x software - intended for series 2 standalone units - to run on series 2 rid dtivos

    this is NOT an turnkey solution or endorsed by TiVo

    if you're not willing to spend some time learning (and possibly troubleshooting) please don't use these packages

    4.x software has several features unavailable in 3.x but works somewhat differently. to utilize the new capabilities you need to understand the differences and make whatever adjustments are apropriate to your particular situation


    this thread is for files and general information - it's locked and will be updated as needed

    here's the4.x+RID support thread for questions & comments


    These files are required and all have their own licenses, please familiarize yourself with them.

    a good 4.x image. if you don't have one try p2p or PTV_upgrade
    *TCD240080 is a smaller download but requires an 80 gig or larger hard drive, use TCD240040 if you only have a factory 40

    instantcake is a tivo authorized source for clean images. 4.x wasn't meant for dtivos, doesn't include lba48 support, and neither does instantcake

    a good 4.x image is only one piece of the puzzle here, the rest are attached to posts in this thread


    3.1.1c killhdinitrd'd kernel - the LBA48-401DD iso has a pre-modded a 3.1.1c kernel - also provides pc side lba48 support for restore-expand and a couple of other handy utils.

    *all the required utils are freely available here on DD. PTV Upgrade sponsors the forum and the lba48 util cd saves agravation gathering tools and provides a reference platform for guides, howtos and auto-installer packages - it's well worth the $5


    use the 2.4.18 kernel with uma6 support attached to this post (2.4.18 & uma6 source avail at tivo's website)

    replace the stock 4.x dssapp in /tvbin with the one attached to this post - it allows 4.x tivoapp to properly access the rid chipset
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    Uma6fix, in conjunction with the files in the previous post, provides uma6 support for the 4.0 through 4.0.1b SA2 software releases

    uma6fix_0.9.0.tgz is for the do-it-yourself type

    init_framework.tgz includes monte and some support scripts for simplified installation.

    *only one is required - the framework is easier and the 'A killhdinitrd'd 3.1u5 kernel and a Monte thread explains the basics



    This software is free for any DealDatabase member to download and install on their own tivo as long is it is strictly for or personal, non-commercial use.

    You MAY NOT sell or redistribute this software, modified versions, or ANY derivative work in ANY form, period.

    This software MUST be removed from a tivo or tivo hard drive prior to sale or replacement.

    You MAY examine or reverse engineer our code, but understand that doing so implies that any "clone" is a derivative work of our project and MAY NOT be redistributed in any form.

    This project exists for the sole purpose of allowing interoperability under 17 USC 1201(f). It is NOT to be used for circumventing controls on copyrighted material, theft of service or any illegal purpose and provides no facility(s) for doing so.

    End of terms

    uma6fix copyright CRS (Riley Cassel) 2004
    *development by HD Team & others



    NONE! this util is provided as is in the hopes that it will be usefull. it has been tested on numerous uma6 (rid) recievers and found to operate correctly as of Nov 17, 2004. if you are unwilling or unable to recover from potential problems please don't use these utilities

    if you break your tivo you own all the pieces

    Please don't link directly to the attachments
    Linking to this thread instead will give folks the benefit of updates and revised information as they become available.
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    4.x+RID simply provides updated drivers that allow 4.x sw to run on hardware that was not in production when the 4.x sw was developed.

    4.x is an improvement over 3.x in that it provides better networking support and folders, reason enough for many people. There are also various tivoapp patches that make the unit MUCH more usefull by enabling or disabling various features. (HMO, parental controls, scrambling, 30 sec skip, backdoors, etc)

    Many of the most popular patches have been rolled into one utility that applies them all at once, it can be found in the Superpatch-4all - (for all known 4.x versions) thread.

    Superpatch-4all related questions & support should be directed to the Superpatch-4all - (Support) thread

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    if you plan to install utilities & such, grab Alphawolf's All-In-One S2 utilities collection

    the init-framework scripts add ./ - / - /utils and /busybox to the default path. if you expand tivotools.tar into /busybox you're good to go

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    setup is fairly straightforeward

    1) restore a good 4.x image to the hard drive you intend to use

    *this will erase recordings and season passes so be sure that you either don't need what's on the drive or have them backed up. there's a tivoweb module to backup/restore season passes and mfs_ftp can be used for recordings.

    if your using a drive larger than 137 gig you neet to boot your pc with an lba48 enabled kernel like the one here during restore / expand steps or you won't be able to use anything beyond the lba48 boundry

    2) install a killhdinitrd'd 3.1.1c kernel to the active kernel partition.)

    *it's possible to use a sleeper style 3.1u5+monte, but that configuration is a LOT more hassle so it won't be supported

    3) place the init-framework, monte and lba48 uma6 kernel file(s) into the tivo's root partition in these locations

    /init/vmlinux.px (rename lba48_2.4.18.px)

    *(here's the monte source) if you want it

    4) replace /tvbin/dssapp with the version in this thread

    *note, if you bought an ebay'd dtivo with dtv hacks installed, your access card may not be configured properly and have problems. this package works with legitimately sub'd cards

    5) rename /etc/netfilter-enable to something like /etc/orig.netfilter-enable.bak to enable networking

    6) optionally, create /etc/rc.d/ and add commands to lauch bash, telnet, ftp, tivoweb and such if you choose to install them

    please make sure all files transferred to the tivo's root partion are made executable with the command "chmod +x filename"

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    The kernel in post #1 has been modified as follows:

    # kernel 2.4.18 patches (applied against the 4.0 kernel tarball)
    # includes:
    #   fixups for "normal" non-ism build system
    #   deleted -mcpu option
    #   added fast-sysmips patch
    #   floating point signal fix
    #   turned off CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD
    #   added LBA48, intentionally broke ideturbo
    #   added init= command line support
    The only critical patch was the addition of Uma6 BORD support in include/linux/tivoconfig*.h .

    Also, for an updated x86 bootpage binary and quick instructions on finding your active kernel and root partitions, see this thread.

    On another note, here are a few useful reference threads. Read and understand them before you ask questions in the uma6fix discussion thread, and don't reply with non-technical material or support issues.

    Tips for 4.0 on your S2 DTivo (originally written for Uma4 users)
    killhdinitrd 0.9.x (learning to compromise Series2.0 PROM security)
    tivoapp patches (misc. customization though binary patches)
    Superpatch-4all (Home Media Option / Multi Room Viewing for DTiVo)
    USB2 backport from 2.4.27 to 2.4.4/2.4.18/2.4.20 (faster MRV transfers)
    FsAllocateFunction tmk assertion failure on 4.x+


    You are responsible for reading and understanding all information in this thread. A 4.x on RID support thread is provided to answer questions that are not covered here. Several error-filled "guides" making use of this software exist. Support posts regarding these guides belong in the thread dedicated to that guide; if they are found elsewhere, they are subject to deletion. Do not follow these guides (or any other step by step howto) if you do not understand what you are doing.

    Compatibility and board identification:

    uma6fix.o and the replacement dssapp are mandatory to run 4.x on a Uma6 board. The new dssapp should not be used on a Uma4 board; however, the remainder of the files and procedures in this thread will work correctly on a Uma4. Loading uma6fix.o is harmless on a non-Uma6 board, as it detects whether or not it is needed.

    Uma4 boards are DirecTV combo units whose service ID prefix is 1x1. For example: 101, 121, 151. They do not have a Receiver ID number on the back panel. These are all Series2.0 units.
    Uma6 boards are DirecTV combo units whose service ID prefix is 3x1. For example: 301, 321, 351, 381. They have a Receiver ID number on the back panel. These are all Series2.0 units.
    HD Series2.0 boards (3x7) and Series2.5 boards (5x1) will not run 4.x without serious changes. 4.x does not support ATSC tuners, the new BCM7317 IC, etc.

    if you're going to restore an InstantCake to a drive larger than 137 gig. use the new LBA48-40DD iso

    *see these threads for more info
    Common LBA48 mistakes (was: "expand" after the fact...)
    Should boot CDs support LBA48? (split from: Common LBA48 mistakes)
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