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If you review the code, you will see that it steps though the init files in the /init. Keep in mind linux is keeping the directory sorted, therefore the lowest number goes first. You'll see one of those steps executes a monte, which loads the LBA 48 4.x kernel, replacing the 3.1.1c kernel you originally booted with. The replaced kernel starts the entire process over again (test.conf, rc.sysinit) and the original process by the first kernel is abandoned.

Riley: Its my recommendation to update your files to include the LBA48 kernel named as vmlinux.px in the init_framework.tgz file. It would appear to help minimize the mistakes and questions we are seeing.
The 2.4.18 kernel is running. The InstantCake image isn't LBA48 and thats my problem. If I have a LBA48 kernel running with the 3.1.1c monte will the mfs-backup of the image restore as LBA48? The process is quick to do the 4x RID solution.