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Thread: 4.x+RID - support

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    Yes, I have a firewall. But after reading your post I disabled it and then attempted to telnet my Tivo. The connection was still refused.

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    If you have Norton Internet Security or any software firewall, you have to disable them. If you have WinXP, you might want to disable the firewall also but it should not make a difference.

    I just disable my Kaspersky firewall and leave WINXP firewall on.

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    Ok almost there... :-)

    Im in the last stages of everything 4.x on my Samsung S4040R. I have followed the Dellanave guide to a T and its been very easy so far. However, Im stuck at the guide patch script, take a look...

    bash-2.02# mount -o remount,rw /
    bash-2.02# cd /hacks/
    bash-2.02# ls
    guide_patch_v401b.tcl superpatch-4all-NutKase-0.7.1.tcl
    bash-2.02# chmod 755 guide_patch_v401b.tcl
    bash-2.02# cp /tvbin/tivoapp /tvbin/tivoapp.guide_patch
    bash-2.02# ./guide_patch_v401b.tcl /tvbin/tivoapp.guide_patch
    bash: ./guide_patch_v401b.tcl: No such file or directory

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks for the help,

    PS i did a search for "guide patch problems" and got what I consider WAY to many posts to search through. Prehaps Im not being detailed enough in the search, thoughts?

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    I found it :)

    I figured it out, I did some digging around the forums and came across it in the guide patch sticky...

    * If you get an error similar to the following when running the guidepatch:

    ./guide_patch_v401b.tcl: No such file or directory
    Run dos2unix on the TiVo, chmod the tcl file, and then rerun the patch.

    dos2unix guide_patch_v401b.tcl
    chmod 777 guide_patch_v401b.tcl
    guide_patch_v401b.tcl /tvbin/tivoapp.guide_patch

    Then follow the rest of the guide and thats it.

    Man this forum is great! Keep up all the good work!

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    Good job. Removed Comments..

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