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Thread: Txfr scrambled show from/to DVR40 for sw upgrade

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    Transfer scrambled show after sw upgrade?

    I have a DVR40 that has been hacked and using the noscramble patch, but there are some recordings on the machine that are still scrambled (since they were there prior to me hacking it). I now want to upgrade the software to 4.0.1b, and was wondering if I would be able to save/restore the scrambled recordings?

    I was planning on doing this:
    - use mfs_ftp to transfer scrambled recording from tivo to pc
    - get_dc_key and save info to my pc.
    - upgrade tivo software to new version, which will compeltely wipe out drive
    - use set_dc_key to reset key on the software version
    - use mfs_Ftp to transfer shows back

    Will this work?

    Also, is it possible to txfr the scrambled shows to a 2nd tivo, provided that I run set_dc_key on the second tivo? In this case my 2nd tivo is a HDVR2 running 4.0.1b, w/hmo superpatch. All recordings are unscrambled on the 2nd tivo, so I'm assumming I won't have any problems with those once I set the key. Or will I only be able to watch scrambled recordings on the same tivo that they came off of?

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    I think I figured out the answer to my own question.

    1. It should be possible to extract the scrambled recordings and then restore them to the same tivo, even though that the software version is different, as long as I use the get_dc_key/set_dc_key.

    2. I won't be able to transfer the scrambled recordings to another tivo, even if I did set the same dc key, since the crpto chip would be different.


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