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Thread: will series 1 direct tivo still work with directv

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    will series 1 direct tivo still work with directv

    i have been out of the tivo/directv game for a while because i moved and couldnt have directv where i was living. now i'm back somewhere where i can and i want to sign back up and get tivo but i've been away from the scene for a while.

    i'm just wondering if i bought an older series 1 directivo like the hughes GXCEBOT or the philips HDR212 here:

    if it would still work with directv. (i dont know if they're upgraded certain things and the series 1 will no longer work or if they wont activate these anymore)

    i'm mainly interested in the series one cause i dont have to sign an agreement and its easier to modify to get off the video (unless that has changed too) than a series 2.

    any help/suggestions? thanks!

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    The link you posted seems to refer to stand-alone tivos, but at any rate, series1 directivos do indeed still work with DirecTV. Many people here including myself are still using series 1. My unit is a Sony SAT-T60.

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    With the state of current hacks, I personally can see no advantage to a series 1.

    Consider the network adapter. With a series 2, you can use inexpensive USB adapters. With series 1, you'll need to buy the special network adapter.

    Also, its not unheard of to buy a DTivo from best buy for $50-60. If you're going to be a new customer, you may even be able to find some better deals (ie rebates).

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    If you are not a returning DTV customer then you will not be able to start a new sub with used equipment. DTV has a new policy that requires new subscribers to start their DTV account with only new receivers and/or DTivos. Once you have established an account you are free to sub any old receiver or DTivo you want. If you previously had a DTV account then they will most likely allow you to reactivate any receivers that had previously been active on your account.
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