Ok, I've searched for this problem, but nobody seems to have noticed it. What happens is that I have Starz on demand recording shows on one of my machines, a DVR40 running 4.0.1b, and once those movies are in the now playing list it seems their indexing is off somehow. When I go to select a show which starz on demand recorded, it will actually select the first Starz on demand movie in the list, regardless of which one I actually select. I'm viewing my now playing list sorted alphabetically, and with groups turned on. The strangeness only happens when picking the starz on demand entries, other recorded shows are fine.

Also, a different issue is why only one of my machines is recording the starz on demand shows? My other machine is a HDVR2 also running 4.0.1b. Neither machine has a phone line hooked up. The DVR40 was previously running 3.1.1c (hacked using sleepers), and had starz on demand enabled. When I upgraded it to 4.0.1b, I completely wiped out the harddrive (mfsrestore). I never had a phone line connected to it, yet the starz on demand shows started to appear.

Has anyone else seen the now playing list issue with starz on demand shows?