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Thread: Telnet, FTP ok Cannot Dial

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    Telnet, FTP ok Cannot Dial

    First, I have searched through this forum and the 'other' forum. Looking at threads such as...

    Telnet, FTP, TW works, but the Test Call doesn't


    Daily call via internet not working

    Here's the story. I bought a used Philips SA Series1 along with a TurboNet card. The internal modem was non-functional, but that didn't matter to me as I wanted to do my updates via network (like with my new Series 2).

    I made a backup of Drive A as it was shipped to me using MFSTOOLS 2. I then used Steve Jenkins' instructions and ISO to do things like install TIVOFTPD, etc. It seems the system I bought was already hacked to some degree (/var/hack already existed and TW tar was already present). I believe this is contributing to my problem. It seems whomever had this unit before me set a static IP. My router which handles the DHCP duties on my network did not report any DHCP clients (everything else on my network is static). So by brute force, I was able to find this TiVo box by pinging all the way to .

    Anyway, telnet works. FTP works. But I can't dial out using ,#401, nor can I do "http_get". I suspect that where ever the IP gets set, the GW is not right for my environment.


    How can I either revert it back to obtain IP dynamically or where can I go to set the gateway (and subnet if necessary)?

    Sorry, I am not a LINUX guy (hey, I do use Firefox and Thunderbird! Doesn't that count for anything?!), so if you could type slowly for me, that would be appreciated!

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    Here's some more info.

    - I do not have "/etc/rc.d/rc.remote-login &" at the end of my file.
    - I don't even have the rc.remote-login file in /etc/rc.d (what's it for and if I need to create it, what goes in it?)
    - I've tried to edit my file to read as follows

    if [ "$DEBUG_BOARD" != true -o "$dhcp" == true ]; then
    if detectDynamicNet; then
    mkdir -p /var/state/dhcp
    # /sbin/dhclient -q "$DYNAMIC_NET_DEV" 2>/dev/null &
    /sbin/ifconfig net0 netmask up

    but that causes me to lose telnet access to the TiVo and its back to restoring the image.... again.

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    Do you have an /etc/rc.d/ file?

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    nutKase. Thanks for the response. I do have that file.

    The problem is now solved. I ran nic_config_tivo and all seems to be fine now. I now have telnet, ftp, http_get, updates via network only.

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to read and even ponder my woes for a moment. Great TiVo community. I hope to learn enough (through my mistakes) to help out in the future!

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