My Tivo sits behind a Netgear DG834 router. It has a local 192.168... ip address when I access it from my home PC. All these tools work fine.

I'm away from home for Christmas, and have got the 9r17 client sitting on this PC. I've opened up telnet (safely don't worry) into my Tivo by allowing my router a slightly modded telnet firewall rule and can start/stop the server fine and get a Now Showing list. So far so good...

The problem comes when I try to get data from my tivo onto this PC sitting outside the router and its subnet. THe message that Tserver Output Window shows is TYSTREAM to an IP, which sure enough is the address of my Dad's PC on HIS local subnet. I looked in the TyTool.ini and tried adding, appending, changing the LOCALIP to the external IP of my Dad's PC. No luck. THe .ini file changes back to the, presumably on running the .exe. it does a ipconfig or something and resetes the LOCALIPfield in the ini?)

I definitely know this external IP as I opened my router's telnet port and the 3565 port for the ty tool Client for this single IP, in order to get the client and the start/stop server working first.

So...longwinded I know, sorry, how do I change, or what do I change to get the client to think its LOCALIP is actually 213..... rather than 192.168....?

Thanks for any help you can give,