Recently I added a new HD to my tivo via the mfsadd command, and the size reported after the new HD was added seems suspicious to me. Specifically, its reporting a 160GB (being recognized as a 137GB drive) + a 120GB drive as having about 300 hours available, which seems about 20 hours too many to me.

Below is a description of what happened:

I manually monte'd my tivo yesterday using the new monte method on a new 160 GB, and applied the usual hacks without incident and the tivo tested fine.

I expanded the 80GB image that I monte'd after I got all my hacks installed, and it registered as having 147 hours available on the new 160 GB HD, which is what I would expect since it seems that you get a reported available size ~= 1.1x the size of the drive. [My 160GB drive is being recognized as a 137GB drive since I don't have a LBA48 kernel *yet* , and 137 * 1.1 = ~150]

I tested at this point and there were no probs. Then I added my second HD (120GB) that used to be my primary HD when I was monte'ing using the Sleeper ISO *yuck* , and the mfs_add gave a strange output referring to the addition of 2 partitions, and said that the hours had been added by 147, which is larger than expected. I would have expected ~132 hours of additional space, not 147GB.

Therefore, my tivo now thinks that I have ~300 hours available.

Though my tivo is running happily and everything seems to be working, I'm concerned that my tivo is going to fill up and then crash in a manner similar to when you put a large HD reported > 137GB on a non lba48 kernel.

Am I being parnoid or does it indeed look like something went amiss?