I just upgraded my Series I TiVo replacing a 40G A Drive and a 30G B drive with a 120G A drive. The problem was, I could not get the upgrade to go normally.

The original configuration had the 30G drive as drive A. While upgrading to the 40G B drive, everything was corrupted by a motherboard which would not allow both drives to have their sector translation disabled properly. At that point, I wiped the drives and started over using another PC from my backup with the 40G as A and then upgraded to a 2 drive system using the original 30G as drive B. This configuration was in place for a year.

Last week I did a new backup of the drive pair and then attempted to do a 1 step complete upgrade (mfsbackup -Tao - /dev/hdc /dev/hdd | mfsrestore -s 127 -xzpi - /dev/hda) from the pair to the new 120G drive, but the mfsrestore utility complained the new drive was not large enough to hold the upgrade (You're kidding, right?) and terminated immediately.

Then I tried to upgrade from the backup image, but while it seemed to work, there were a lot of Inode errors (thousands of them) at the end of the restore, and when booting the TiVo would first start to come up (getting the ...few more seconds screen), but then it would reboot and the GSOD would rear its ugly head. In both cases I did use the -s 127 switch, and I can't recall whether I had done so on the previous upgrade last year. Booting using Hinsdale showed what appeared to be healthy partitions.

I tried doing two more backups, one uncompressed and the other compressed and using those to upgrade to the 120G, but it always got the same result. Finally I downloaded all the programs to my PC using TyTool and then did a short upgrade using mfsbackup -6so - /dev/hdc /dev/hdd | mfsrestore -zpi - /dev/hda. This worked fine to give me a 70G single drive image. I then used mfsadd to expand the image to 120G.

Does anyone know what it was that munged the single step and two step upgrades? I can only think of 3 things:

1. There were too mant MFS partitions created by the upgrade process. Why this would be true of the one setp upgrade and the intermediate step upgrade but not the 2 step non-intermediate upgrade is beyond me. MFS add still creates two new MFS partitions. Have I missed something?

2. Something corrupted both the backups and the single step upgrade, but not the small piped upgrade. How can I tell?

3. Perhaps I issued the -s 127 parameter in my original upgrade and issuing it a second time wrecked everything. Is doing two successive mfsrestores with the -s 127 option lethal?

I would like to save the backup image to CD-ROM and re-use all the smaller drives, but I don't dare if the backup image is corrupted. Is there any way I can tell if this is the case? Short of wiping the 120G and starting again, that is.