First of all, I want to thank everyone here who has inadvertantly helped me get my tivo hacked. No one has said anything directly to me, as this is my first post. However, I figured I'd offer the soluion to my 2 weeks of misguided hell.

My DVR has been up and running hacked and happy for about 6 months or so, at least. My wife decided she would like to remodle the living room. Because I'm such a loving husband, of course I agreed. So I shut everything down nice and proper and disconnected everything. Moved everything across the room and hooked everything up. Well, everything was working, except could no longer access my tivo, neither through the network nor through the serial cable. Of course, my first response was it was the tivo's fault, >>I<< could do no wrong, it was all hooked up nice and proper. So I started looking all over trying to figure out why I couldn't get access to my tivo. I could see the output from the tivo over the serial, but the tivo would not respond back to my keypresse. Turns out my homeade cable (which used crimps instead of sodders (i suck at soddering)) slipped loose on the xmit pin... reatached it, and joy!! RESPONDING TIVO!! But now the networking wouldn't work.. couldn't get a light on my USB100M to save my life. I replaced the driver, redit my, everything. even considered going out to buy a new network card. I was maybe about half an hour from stripping the tivo and starting fresh. Turns out somehow, I had forgot to connect the other end of the network cable to the router. seems that the USB100m does not lite up without a network cable attached. of course I had checked everything time and time again, and it was just an unhooked cable. Just goes to show that even the biggest problems can be solved by looking back at the basics... figured might save someone else a huge amount of time (took me 2 weeks to figure this out...) by posting my bonehead mistake. Thanks again for everyone here's support.