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Thread: Help with Parsexmlguide

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    Help with Parsexmlguide

    FYI - I have a Series 2, unmodded & legit. I pay my dues to the tune of $12.95/mo b/c I believe in the TiVo product/service and I do not want to steal service. Having said that, I am an avid Linux/Unix hacker and have been happily hacking my Phillips S1 for a little while now; lately I have been playing with slice files - now the problem.

    When I run parsexmlguide on an xml file (zap2it via xmltv) I get errors like:
    Fixup-Bad channel id -CANNOT FIXUP - no delimiting space: <programme start="20050125000000 -0500" stop="20050125020000 -0500" channel=""> and also

    Found programme line:<programme start="20050125000000 -0500" stop="20050125020000 -0500" channel="">
    Bad program channel delimiting in - not writing data
    XML presented= T:title A:'70s
    XML presented= T:desc A:Slip into a pair of bellbottoms and travel back to when love was free, peace was the sign of the times and polyester was the fiber of choice! Stevie Wonder, Cher, Barry White, The Jackson Five, The Bee Gees, The Eagles, Elton John, Chicago.
    XML presented= T:category A:Music
    XML presented= T:category A:Series
    Cannot find genre: Series
    Bad genre found: Series - skipping
    XML presented= T:episode-num A:SH671684.0000
    XML presented= T:/programme A:
    Error in writeprogrammerec: WPR-Bad Epoch date:
    WPR-Bad ID - Mismatched STATIONS.TXT? :
    WPR-Bad Program Time: - not writing item
    XML presented= Trogramme A:

    I have tried two stations.txt - one was created from zap2it html and edited by hand. The other was from Chanlineup.tcl & dump chanix and edited slightly. Same error message with both. I tried not updating the "music" channels but still got the error message with a different channelid. Interestingly when I examined the stations.txt derived from chanix the offending channelid from the xml file was not even found in the stations.txt. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Guide data generation is not supported here. Go back to the site where you downloaded the tools.

    Moved to Newbie and closed.

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