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Thread: Hard Drive Brands?

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    Hard Drive Brands?

    Has anybody had any negative/positive experiences with particular brands of hard drives in a TiVo? I haven't found much information on here about this topic. I just put a new Seagate in mine, though, and it seems to be seriously overheating. I previously had a Western Digital and didn't experience any problems like this. (They both were ATA/100, 7200rpm, 120GB drives).

    The Seagate, which is literally 2 days old, keeps giving me these errors in my kernel logs:

    Jan 28 22:40:23 (none) kernel: hda: dma_intr: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
    Jan 28 22:40:23 (none) kernel: hda: dma_intr: error=0x40 { UncorrectableError }, LBAsect=70003458, sector=63105
    I get these lines every few seconds. The drive is very hot to the touch when I go to take it out, too. I know that those lines indicate a failing drive usually, but with a brand new drive I take it to mean it's a heat issue.

    So I guess what I'm asking is, when I go to exchange this drive, what should I get? I'm currently planning on getting a WD, as I had good experience with that previously, unless I hear otherwise.

    Thanks again for any advice anybody cares to provide.

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    On your specific problem: Pull the drive and run manufacturer's low level diagnostics on the drive, including the low level media analysis; the destructive one that takes a couple of days if you have nothing irreplacable on the drive. If the diagnostic returns an error code, get the drive replaced. I don't necessarily recommend you keep the drive warm and cozy while running the diagnostic. <g>

    In general, everyone has their favorite brand of drive. I think someone has reported oddball problems with every drive brand out there - problems that were resolved by replacing the drive. About a year ago the general consensus was to avoid the IBM Deskstar line of drives (now available from Hitachi).

    Reports are also mixed on the newer Seagates; they have a 5 year warranty, but may lack acoustic management capability.

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    Make sure your fan is connected and functioning. The drive shouldn't be getting that hot otherwise.

    Like PlainBill says, everyone has their favorite brand of drive. I got involved in an interesting discussion a while back on another forum about large drives used in Tivos and PVRs in general. Drives optimized for multimedia applications would work best in a PVR but they are very expensive in contrast to the ones you see on sale all of the time. I don't really know which drives qualify but most manufacturers have them in their lineup.

    One thing I didn't realize is that standard hard drives, especially the new larger drives, have to perform a thermal calibration every so often due to the tighter tolerances to which they are manufactured. When this takes place you may see a brief bit of pixelisation on your TV set. Multimedia drives do not have to perform this calibration and therefore will not induce the pixelisation error during record or playback operations. I had always thought is was due to interference with the broadcast signal or a transmission glitch of some kind. The thought that it might be drive related had never occurred to me.
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    Most of us just buy whatever drive that's cheap after rebate this week. You might give some preference to drives with a longer warranty such as Seagate.

    I would suggest you go with just one drive. Adding a second drive, IMHO, is just asking for trouble. If either drive breaks you lose your recordings. A second drive gives you power and heat issues. The large drive hacks are pretty mainstream and you can get a 160-200 Gig drive for next to nothing.

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    Thanks for the input, guys. Most of that is stuff I'd heard before in non-TiVo-related discussions. I guess it is just pretty disheartening to me that a drive that I just bought on Tuesday is having so many problems. I forgot to mention that after the unit has been powered up for a while, the shows I'm watching will get really choppy, and continue to get progressively worse until it's totally unwatchable. Also the menus and remote buttons in general are very unresponsive. If I power it off for an hour or so, then turn it back on, it works fine for a couple of hours and then starts degrading again. This is why I was so sure that it was a heat issue.

    I agree with the sentiment that adding a second drive is probably just going to exacerbate this issue. This reminds me of something else I've been meaning to ask... is it possible to use a drive larger than 137GB without going the monte route? Chainloading a kernel in userland just seems like something I really don't want to do. I realize it works just fine for plenty of folks, but as a Linux admin in real life, I'd prefer something cleaner. The reason I bring this up now is because I think some of the larger drives on the market now are more tuned to "multimedia applications" than the deal-of-the-weak 120GBs I've been trying. Plus, more space is never a bad thing...

    Thanks again for the input. I continue to be amazed by how useful this board is, and how knowledgeable and willing to help the people on here are!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IlliniFan
    is it possible to use a drive larger than 137GB without going the monte route?
    3.x (2.4.4) & 4.x (2.4.18) kernels don't natively support lba48, and as such, the only way to add support is through a modified kernel patched for lba48 functionality. The only way to run a modified kernel on your system is to chainload into it using monte.

    Perhaps someday in the future if/when a killhdinitrd style hack becomes available for 6.1 (Dtivos) and/or 7.1 (standalones), which both have native lba48 kernels, will users of these software versions be able to have lba48 capability without monte, similar to the HDTivo folks.
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