I have a Linux machine running the Debian Woody distro under Kernel version 2.6.10. In the past I have used this machine for upgrading TiVos by booting the MFS Tools 2.0 CD. In oder to make it work, I had to turn off DMA, or else the boot would fail. The boot also complained about the byteswapped partitions, but things worked well enough despite the complaints.

Now that I have Linux runnig full time on the machine, I would like to move MFS tools over to the hard drive so I can configure TiVos without having to run down the boot CD again. Do I need to try to get a copy of the source code and re-compile it under 2.6.10, or will simply copying the binaries work? Will byteswapping be an isssue? I'm running SAMBA with shares to and from my Windows server, so it would be really cool to create the backup of the TiVo on the Windows server, which is backed up automatically and which has a 400G RAID array.