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Thread: USB 2.0 on DVR40

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    USB 2.0 on DVR40

    I am trying to add usb 2.0 to my DVR40 with no luck. I have a DTIVO (DVR40) that was running great for weeks with killhdinitrd 4.0.1b image that I added Alphawolfs all-in-one to /busybox directory and ran superpatch-4all-NutKase-0.7.0.tcl and guide_patch_v401b.tcl.

    I then replaced the following files located in the /lib/modules/ directory with the ones included in usb20netmodules-2.4.18.tar.gz:


    Then added the following lines to the end of the /test.conf file

    /sbin/insmod /lib/modules/usbcore.o log2_irq_thresh=4

    /sbin/insmod /lib/modules/usbnet.o

    /sbin/insmod /lib/modules/usb-ohci.o

    I then “CHMOD 755 test.conf” and rebooted. On reboot, the system hangs at "Welcome..Powering up". I assume that what I did in test.conf is wrong resulting in the hang-up. I read a comment somewhere that the path statements in test.cong are critical and not having them correct results in the problem I have but I do not see the mistake in what I did.

    PLEASE help. I am new to series 2 but have hacked series 1 SA and DTIVOS for some time (years) and have spent countless hours reading and learning from DD. I searched and read the stickies for this issue but I still do not see my mistake. Please help me learn.



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    Followup question:

    Do I need to modify test.conf or can I just replace the USB driver files and still see a reasonable increase in speed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amedman
    I searched and read the stickies for this issue but I still do not see my mistake.
    No, you didn't. (A1)

    Also, those drivers and that guide are unsupported. Get the 2.4.27 drivers from the Series2 Development forum, and figure out how to do it on your own.

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    Success! Now I am transferring at 2.0 speed! Thanks alldeadhomiez for the tip of searching the development thread. (I typically do not look there since I am not a coder and do not want to burden the community on loser questions on hacks that are not finalized.)

    This brings up a point I would like to make. I have been coming here for years and DD has helped me learn much about my Tivo’s (I own 5, and DD has helped me hack them all.) THANKS! DD is the only place to get the most valuable information such as fast extraction and DTIVO HMO. (The other guys are fine if all you need is to expand your drive…then again Hinsdale has been around for years so for me DD is the only place to go.) Please don’t take this suggestion the wrong way but continue to let those of us who are not Linux gods ask questions. There are many of us that come here to try the latest hacks and like to play. We do give back in a different way, we are your beta testers and this tells you if your code is working for a much larger audience then the 10+ that know how to code. Maybe allowing any question in Newbie Tivo is a way to allow us beta testers a voice. If the question asked is not worthy of a response, don’t respond. Please know that I for one do search and read many hours of posts to get the latest hacks to work. The problem is that for most of us, we know just enough to get a hack to run and many times the posts look to us as if they written in Sanskrit. Again thanks for sharing your knowledge with the masses.

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