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Thread: Newbie question about hard drive formatting

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    Newbie question about hard drive formatting

    I have a 200 gb Western Digital drive that was given to me and is not formatted. I formatted it using the FAT-32 file system and used the Riley guide (4.x+ RID) to set the drive up for my RCA DVR-40.

    After going through all the motions, the first time I booted the reciever I got an error that it could not obtain guide information. I rebooted and got the green screen of death! I pulled the drive out hoping it isn't toast and put my original drive back in.

    After going back over the instructions I see that i may have made some errors when I used Riley's guide but I want to be sure it's formatted correctly. I want to reformatt this drive and start over so my question is this:

    Which one of the following file systems should I use to format my drive?

    11/Bh: FAT-32

    99/63h: UNIX

    7/7h: HPFS/NTFS

    131/83h: Linux Native

    Fat 16 or


    Any help would be appreciated

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    None of the above.
    mfsrestore will take care of it for you.

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    Thanks, I'll run it now!

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    No formatting is necessary on a Tivo drive. If you booted into Windows NT, 2K, or XP with the drive installed in your PC then the Windows OS wrote a signature to your boot partition that will need to be taken care of before you'll be able to use the drive in a Tivo.

    If that's what happened to you then check out the following link for an answer:
    Please don't PM me or any other members looking for personal assistance. You'll do better by posting (after you've exhausted the search feature, of course) and taking advantage of the collective expertise of the membership instead of a single individual that may or may not be able to help you. Thank you and enjoy your stay at DDB!

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