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Thread: tcd24004a 7.1a bash help

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    tcd24004a 7.1a bash help

    Hi, I've been a series 1 users for a long time..
    But now have a series 2 unit, TCD24004a which has
    the new 7.1a-02-2-240 software on it.
    I bought it used this way.

    I have been doing some reading here and understand, in order to
    install "hacks" and get telnet working you need to use killhdinitrd
    on the kernel.

    I found this on the support forum but being kinda a newbie was wondering
    if I could get some more details.

    stick a killhdinitrd'd 3.1.5c kernel in the new boot kernel partition
    setup the new root - put your tivobin stuff & hacks there, etc.
    copy over your
    neuter iptables
    patch the new tivoapp

    First off, will the 3.1.5c kernel work with this unit?
    Also how does one "newter iptables" and Patch tivoapp??


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    Check out the post here for info on hacking a 7.1a kernel. The post is geared towards people upgrading their tivo to 7.1a, and not made specifically for your situation, but if you read the thread it will answer all of your questions.
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