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Thread: 7.x httpd server (was: Secure server running on my TiVo?)

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    7.x httpd server (was: Secure server running on my TiVo?)

    I just recently upgraded(?) to 7.1a on my SA S2 Tivo. I'm running tivowebplus on a non-standard port. If I browse to http://tivoIPaddress leaving out my TWP port #, I get the tivotogo information screen. Now, if I type https://tivoIPaddress, I get a security alert regarding a certificate that needs to be installed. I let it install (it was created by my tivo and issued to my tivo). I click Yes to continue and I get an Enter Network Password dialog box requesting Username and password for TiVo DVR. I can honestly say that I never tried this with previous versions so I don't know that it's specific to 7.1a .. but what are the logon credentials? How can I find out? Clue?

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