A *major* annoyance of mine that I've lived with for 3 years now (my series 1 DTivo and the new Series 2 standalone), but I can't take it much longer. This habit of Tivo has me ready to throw it out the window.

It happens at two different times - 1: When listening to music on HMO, and the playlist ends. If I don't turn off the receiver or add a new playlist, there will be silence for 10 minutes or so and then POW!!! the Tivo switches over to a TV station and it's incredibly loud and distracting.

2: I'm getting ready for bed, I delete whatever I was just watching and turn off the TV (but of course forget to turn off the receiver) and just as I'm falling to sleep ***KERBLOOEY!!!*** the TV comes back on as the Tivo switches back to live TV and puts some obnoxious infomercial on.

Anyone know of any hacks to change this behavior? (besides the obvious...don't forget to turn off your receiver). Preferably, the Tivo would just stay in the "Now Playing" list until I changed it back, and I could get some sleep.