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    Success, but one question

    I have successfully hacked my TCD140060 SA2 tivo Here is what I have done.

    Manually updated kernel to a 4.0 killhdinitrd version. Installed and configured the following - bash, telnet, mfs_ftp, tivowebplus, vserver, patched with nutkase superpatch for all. I have successfully extracted and converted to dvd with tytools. I can say that this forum and the people in it are very helpful. I really never asked any questions. If you read just like they say you will find the answer. I cant seem to find one answer though. This is a standalone unit, how can I get the guide data without getting updates to my software. I would hate to have my setup broken by an update. I did see in a post were they added some ip routes to prevent from calling home, but will this still give me guide data? If I missed this in a post please let me know. Oh and please all the people just getting started, make a backup before you make any mods. It cant be stressed enough. I actually made 4. One is how the tivo came when I got it (not new), one is after activation. Both are on a hard drive and cd. Thanks everyone who has taken the time to find all the answers and post them.

    echo Turning off firewall ... >& /dev/console
    [ -x /etc/netfilter-disable ] && /etc/netfilter-disable
    echo Enabling telnet daemon ... >& /dev/console
    tnlited 23 /bin/bash -login >& /dev/console &
    echo Enabling ftp daemon ... >& /dev/console
    tivoftpd &
    echo Starting vserver ... >& /dev/console
    vserver &
    echo Starting mfs_ftp .. >& /dev/console

    # Call the Tivo Package Manager Startup Scripts
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