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    superpatch-67all - (Support)

    [EDIT] PEOPLE! STOP POSTING NEWBIE QUESTIONS IN THE SUPERPATCH-67ALL SUPPORT THREAD. If you don't know how to run a .tcl script, start a thread in the NEWBIE FORUM and ask about your problem there. Just because you found out something you didn't know when trying superpatch-67all doesn't make it a superpatch-67all support requirement. 7-10-05

    Superpatch-67all - (for all known 6.x and 7.1x versions)

    Here's where to ask your questions. Do not post questions in the release thread.

    The release, and instructions on it's use, are posted in the Superpatch-67all file release thread.

    I won't respond to support requests in the files forum. Please post here.

    Also, there's lots of information in the associated .txt file.

    Using an advanced patch to change major portions of the central runtime file on your tivo is a MAJOR undertaking. If you don't know what you're doing DON'T DO IT. At some point we have to assume that "If it was easy, everybody would be doing it."


    I'm not a moderator but, if I were I'd delete ANY and ALL questions relating, but not limited, to:

    Errors like:
    'no such file or directory'
    'I've just hacked my tivo and I can't run any .tcl files'
    'FSAllocate problems'
    'array: command not found'

    Questions like:
    'I don't have a virgin tivoapp, how can I fix it back?'
    'Someone else hacked my tivo for me, how can I fix it back?'
    'My dtivo keeps forgetting it's name and MRV won't work, what do I do?'
    EDIT - More OT questions added
    'Can someone give me a reason not to let my tivo phone home?'
    'How do I remove the 30-second skip patch?'
    'Is "superpatch-67all" compatible with a p t v ugraded Samsung Sir4040 with a new 160gb drive?'
    'When I execute superpatch-67all, using bash [(instead of the command in bold in the release thread)] this is what I get:
    - bash-2.02# bash superpatch-67all-NutKase-1.0.tcl
    - superpatch-67all-NutKase-1.0.tcl: array: command not found

    I'm sure that list should be longer but I'll stop. The point is that I haven't released this file because I care about your tivo and how it works. I wouldn't keep my tivos if I couldn't MRV with unencrypted video recordings and I don't think anyone else should have to either. The work was needed and I and several others did it. It's just an easy way for us to share our work with each other and others like us and avoid finding and typing a bunch of patches manually.

    Now if every downloader will do their part and READ the release thread, this thread, background links, and the board in general, I'd appreciate it.

    Let's don't re-ask and re-answer the questions in the Superpatch-4all - (Support) thread.

    In order to provide the link above I reread the last 3 posts in the 'Superpatch-4all Support' thread = Quite comical!

    Last edited by NutKase; 07-14-2005 at 12:51 AM. Reason: Added another stupid Newbie OT question
    "God, and DealDataBase, help those that help themselves." --Shamelessly stolen from psxboy
    2 each, SA S2 287hr 7.2.1a's with Lifetime.
    Hacks: 1 Manually Monte'd -140, Bash,Telnet,FTP,TivoWebPlus,
    Superpatch-67all Unscrambled/HMO,MFS_FTP Ver. N,TyTools, tivoserver
    Fully hacked SA S1

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