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Thread: HD DirecTivo 699 at CC

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    HD DirecTivo 699 at CC

    At CircuitCity here

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    bato thanks for info I am looking at upgrading my tv and service to HD

    and have one little question ---nube here....why are hd receivers soooo damn high? Just because they are new?

    ok 2 questions LOL


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    Check out the HD TiVo forum over at tivocommunity dot com. There's a thread about how you can get a $250 credit plus other discounts from DirecTV when you upgrade to HD, provided you've been a "good customer". I just ordered mine today and got the credit.

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    You can go ahead and just say over here. They censor our name over there because they can't stand competition. Because of our policies vs their policies this is and always will be the de-facto tivo hacking forum. This forum is far better than theirs in so many respects, thus you can understand our lack of a need to censor their name and their high need to censor ours.

    P.S. the name censorship policy there is just one obvious reason among others why their forum is crap.
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    I'm sure this is addressed in great detail in some thread on this or the tivocommunity board, but IIRC, the HD tivos being sold now are not compatible with the new satellites directv just launched. New HD channels will be transmitted in MPEG4 (or similar), and the HD DirecTivos are only MPEG2 capable. Just something to keep in mind while you're contemplating this deal.

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    DTV will reportedly have an upgrade/equipment swapout deal in place when the new sats go online. Unfortunately the new DVRs will not be Tivos but rather the NDS design. The current HR10-250 HDTivos can still be used to record OTA digital broadcasts, which is what I primarily use mine for anyway.
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