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Thread: Incorrect Information - Split from: (Walkthrough for upgrading to 6.2 on already hacked unit)

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    Repairing a tivo using the wrong hardware number

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff D
    I'm no expert, but shouldn't you tell folks to put the correct number in for the hardware they are running? 101 may work for you, but 151 is what I should use.
    EDIT: Apparently, something I did in parallel (although for the life of me, I have no idea what it could have been because I did nothing else) messed up the original partition when I ran the script, because it wouldn't boot from the original either. Apparently, this isn't always the case, and obviously, if you can still boot the tivo, it will be much easier to fix. See follow up posts for this info.

    Long time lurker, first time poster (I think, been a while).

    If you should run the script with the wrong hardware version number, and hose your tivo, which it will, not that I know from experience, because blindly following guides is something other people do ...

    To repair (Warning -- these are very general. If you learned nothing else from the experience of hosing your tivo, you should have learned to research and read before doing anything to it. Also, this assumes you didn't make a backup, which is much easier to restore from, but if you did, you don't need these instructions. 80GB of shows was daunting for me to backup, but rest assured I will in the future.):

    • Get another hard drive
    • Put 6.2 on it the right way
    • dd the kernel and root partition from your new 6.2 drive to the kernel and root partition that was created (incorrectly) on your old drive
    • Reinsert and reboot and wait the hour or so for the upgrade to complete
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