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Thread: Possible Fix - DTivo dial-home with 6.2 SuperPatch Applied

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    Quote Originally Posted by LanMan

    This would do the trick. NAMETABLE|SP_4|SP_5|TIVOVID|MRV


    Thank you it really work.

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    Thank you for the information Eric; it came in handy. I let my DTiVo call home and try to do an Activate DVR Service on one of my boxes by mistake(don't ask) and the certificates it downloaded disabled MVR on that box, even though they were not expired. Following your instructions, they were cleared out and it is now working fine. After the fix, the only difference I see in the System Information on the two boxes is that the one that didn't call back shows an Opt Status of OptedOut and the one that did call back shows an Opt Status of OptNeutral. It doesn't seem to matter and I am not 100% certain that they both started out saying OptedOut.

    An interesting note, for those who like getting the Showcase information, the Adds, Previews, On Demand Movies, NFL Sunday Ticket Highlights On Demand, etc. The one that tried to Activate the DVR Service accidentally shows the Showcase information line and the line after Messages and Setup on the DIRECTV Central page where they put the adds, previews, highlights, etc. They are fully functional, including continually being updated via Satellite, even with the box unplugged. I know this because the accidental callback was last Thursday and it was only plugged in for a few minutes that day. The NFL Sunday Ticket highlights are from this past Sunday (after the box was unplugged) and all the Showcase and promo info is identical to what shows up on my constantly plugged in, unhacked Series 1 box. The Showcase and line for adds, previews, NFL Highlights, etc. does not show up on the box that has never tried to activate DVR service.

    I am not sure if you may have to force a test callback to DIRECTV every few months to keep this active or not. DIRECTV does mark boxes as calling back or not, but I am unsure if enabling a given box to accept this information from the satellite is keyed at the account level (like TiVo service itself) or at the individual box level like impulse (remote) PPV movies are.

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