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Thread: Understanding Bash over Serial Port

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    Understanding Bash over Serial Port

    I am having some trouble getting Bash to work over a serial port.

    I would like some info on how to use bash. I have seen a lot different posts with different commands and different places to start bash. Can anyone help?

    Here is what I have done so far:
    I made a backup and copied my tivo drive with mfstools-2.0

    I succesfully ran killhdinitrd on my 3.1.1c kernal on my new hard drive

    I used bootpage and added the dsscon=true console=2,115200 and I can see the output messages.

    I am using Tera Term with settings 115200 N81

    I added my own echo to the rc.sysinit and saw it on Tera Term

    When I tried to add the suggested line at the end of rc.sysinit :
    /bin/bash < /dev/ttyS3 >& /dev/ttyS3 &

    and I did not get anything except the debug information. I tried hitting enter at different times.

    I tried running the script included in the tivonet directory on the mfstools boot cd. This script added added a more complicated version which I think was trying to enable bash over the network.

    With the rc.sysinit the script updated I can hit enter as it is starting the tivo stays in the initial screen and I get the following:

    Output enabled
    Ram size = 64
    Service number is 3510000D0387A9E.
    What is password?

    I tried factory and a lots of others but it just comes back with What is password?

    Anyway, I am confident my cable works correctly and that I am able to update my rc.sysinit. My main questions are
    How and where should I start bash?

    What do all the options mean. I have seen ttyS2 instead of ttyS3 is that important?

    Is there a way to set that password or I am in the wrong place?


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    Please read this thread.

    Read This

    As for your question about /dev/ttyS2 vs /dev/ttyS3.
    Those are serial interfaces on your tivo.
    Just like /dev/hda vs dev/hdb
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    Quote Originally Posted by adog76
    I have seen ttyS2 instead of ttyS3 is that important?
    Yes, it is important that you use the right serial port. Any particular reason you choose S3 rather than S2? The bootpage (console=2,...) seems to indicate 2, and since you are getting the console output, that appears to be correct. See this for a way to tell which tty port is the console on different tivo models. You could probably just use /dev/ttyDSS since it should be a link to the right serial device.
    Is there a way to set that password or I am in the wrong place?
    This is the PROM menu. You'll have to reset the password to get access to it. You can only do that once you've hacked your tivo.
    crypto -u -srp <new-password>
    run on the tivo should reset it permanently. It's useful to set this as the PROM menu can be useful for recovery when your tivo is messed up. Hint: keep a usuable kernel/root in the alternate partition set so you can recover without pulling the disk if you botch the main kernel/root.
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