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Thread: USB2 backport from 2.4.27 to 2.4.4/2.4.18/2.4.20 SUPPORT

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    Quote Originally Posted by w2kr View Post
    I tested the latest driver package with this adapter on a DVR40, running 6.2a with a 2.4.20 kernel. This adapter has an Asix AX88772A chip.

    In my TiVo's /lib/modules directory, I replaced usbcore.o and usb-ohci.o with the objects found at 2.4.27/obj/hosts/2.4.20_Series2 and I replaced usbnet.o with the object found at 2.4.27/obj/drivers/2.4.20. I maintained the symlink from ax8817x.o to usbnet.o. I also made the additions to /etc/hotplug/ that were supplied.

    For me this means I no longer need to scour ebay and the net for older FA120s, or DUB-E100s. I simply need to buy the monoprice adapter for $6.82 plus shipping.

    Jamie, a special thanks to you for supporting this so quickly.
    Glad it worked. That's a good price for a usb NIC that works with a tivo.

    Also, note that monoprice sells a gige adapter that should work with the backport drivers: link.
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