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Thread: Full description of XML format

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    Full description of XML format


    I am project manager of a free (GPL) software that can be used to manage a movie collection, GCfilms.

    One of our users asked us to add a plugin to import information from TiVo files. It seems there is an XML file containing some information that could be useful to create an entry in GCfilms. Here is such a file:

    First of all, you have to know I never heard about TiVo before this. So my requests could be confused. Sorry about that.

    I'd like to know if I could find somewhere a documentation describing the format used in this file. I did some searches without any success. I agree it is mainly self-explanatory. But some values are obscure (as codes used for genres).

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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    xml in tmf (a tar wrapper) is basically a 1:1 txt ver of info in the tivo's mfs database

    tivoweb can produce html/xml in nearly any desired format - it's easy to modify existing modules or write new from scratch

    I believe the new 7.x tivo2go also produces xml via a webserver, but I've not had any reason to dig through that. searching here or on should turn up enough specs to write a parser


    there are allready a couple of projects to integrate tivo info into myth or mysql database systems. search for mythtivo, locomotion, etivo. (there are several more I can't remember names for)
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    Thank you for this valuable information. I will have a look to all the projects you mentionned. I should find there useful examples.

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