While I'm a bit new to Tivo... I'm an old hat at Linux and DTV. Somehow (not sure how) I've managed to make my Tivo not boot -- gets stuck at "Welcome... Powering up". Undoing all my hacks via Linux gets me nowhere, so I'm thinking the Kernel or Bootstrap images got corrupted. It is a from-the-factory dual drive setup (30GB and 15GB). Can someone send me, or send me a URL, a working backup so I can get back to TV! Or... tell me how to use the 40GB image I see on ftp.abs.net. Obviously, I'd LIKE to have a 2.0.1 image, but I'll take anything that will work at this point... I just want to watch TV!

BTW -- how would I have screwed up the boot by simply mounting in Linux and editing rc.sysinit for ppp via serial and occassionally deleting my logs? I'm shocked it stopped working -- I've been SOO careful (well, except for that whole make-a-backup thing!)

Email me with some help! jkeyte@telocity.com