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Thread: TCL: handling of attributes not in schema?

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    TCL: handling of attributes not in schema?

    I have been playing around with various things in mfs, and lately I have run into a quandary about what to do with attributes that don't have a schema definition.

    Say for example, on a 6.2 box, I want to read the contents of an attribute in this object: http://tivo/mfs/Component/Type/2/ALPHASTAR%20DSR

    Notice this:

    Component 1018/11 {
    ServerVersion = 152
    Code = 611/-1 652/-1 408/-1
    Name = {ALPHASTAR DSR}
    (attribute 0x2f0013 not in schema)
    Type = 2
    ServerId = 371664
    Version = 1
    IndexPath = {/Component/Type/2/ALPHASTAR DSR} /Server/371664
    Now according to the 7.1b schema, that attribute is called 'NumberOfCodesToTry', but since it doesn't exist in the 6.2 schema, I can't do anything with it:

    bash-2.02# tivosh
    % dbopen
    % itrans start
    % db db1 openid 1018
    % dbobj dbobj2 attrs
    ServerVersion Code Name 0x2f0013 Type ServerId Version IndexPath
    % dbobj dbobj2 get 0x2f0013
    invalid attribute: 0x2f0013
    % dbobj dbobj2 get \x2f\x00\x13
    invalid attribute: /
    Basically what I am looking for is a way to get TCL to be able to read and/or modify that attribute by only refering to it by its hex code and not its name. Any TCL experts know how to do this?

    Or perhapse is there some way to easily put a junk definition in the schema temporarily and remove it later? Just some kind of work around or something that will enable reading and writing of this attribute.

    EDIT: Also...

    bash-2.02# strings /tvbin/tivosh | grep dbobj
    DfbDemux::IndexStreams got a NULL dbobject id!
    dbobj requires at least the object handle and an operation
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> [set|add] <ATTR> <TCLOBJ>
    usage: dbobj <OBJECT> construction
    dbobj $dbobj settargetcountbutbecareful
    dbobj $dbobj targetcount
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> copyfrom <DBOBJ>
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> removeat <ATTR> <INDEX>]
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> clear
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> markasrubbish
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> reindex
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> touch
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> secondary
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> primary
    dbobj $dbobj delete
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> remove <ATTR> [<TCLOBJ>]
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> gettarget <ATTR> [<INDEX>]
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> get [-noerror] <ATTR> [<INDEX>]
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ) attrtype <ATTR>
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> attrs
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> type
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> objid
    usage: dbobj <DBOBJ> fsid
    usage: dbobj equal <DBOBJ> <DBOBJ>
    None of those commands look like they will do anything to help in this respect, so I am guessing that some interpreter tricks would be necessary if this is to be done at all?
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