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Thread: Lost on this part

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    Lost on this part

    Okay, so after the last upgrade, I was up and running with a stock 6.2 system. I downloaded the ptvlba48 extended disk as to get the stock 3.1.5 image, to which I applied killhdinitrd and dd'd it back to the right areas.

    Now, when I did the original upgrade (from 3.1.1c to 6.2), I was able to get the backported usb drivers for my netgear FA120 to work just fine. However, since working on the new killhdinitrd'd kernel, I lose all connectivity to the tivo itself. I did copy over new modules to /lib/modules from the 2.4.20_Series2 and 2.4.20 directories, so I know that's not a problem (in theory ).

    The only other thing I question is that I noticed that many people mention that they had to rename their /etc/netfilter-enable and/or /sbin/dhclient. I have neither of those files, and wonder if I should touch them and more or less make them executables with nothing inside (short of an exit 0 or somesuch).

    I don't have a null-modem cable, although I guess I'm off to RS tomorrow to get the parts to make one. Once that's done, if anyone wants the logfiles, I'll be happy to post them..

    Thanks to any in advance

    Oh, I forgot to mention the odd part here. I cannot ping the tivo whatsoever.. BUT, both the ethernet light and the activity light are on the FA120, just as if the module was loaded properly. I'm stumped!
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    Read this thread.

    If /etc/netfilter-enable and /sbin/dhclient are not present, you're in the wrong partition, or you're doing something else wrong.

    HINT: Do NOT install new usb modules, do NOT load them in, and do NOT set the ip address in rc, until you get the network working. Once you get it working, THEN make the updates.

    There's a difference between needing help, and just being plain ole' lazy.

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    Sorry about that. I realized my mistake on starting to play with it a few hours ago. You're right, I was in the alternate root partition, duuuh.

    Remember kids.. while you may think that you're doing something cool when you're working on your tivo at 3am, you're not doing much more than making a bunch of typos.

    Networking up and running, telnet working, just need to export my PATH correctly.

    Edited to add PATH is now correct, and even have a real editor (vi vi vi) working, huzzah!
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