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Thread: DSR7000 Copy all of the hard disk

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    DSR7000 Copy all of the hard disk

    I have one DSR7000 hack, and i have 2 others DSR7000 with no hack
    can i use a norton program to copy all of the disk from the DSR7000 that is hack to the anohter DSR7000's . they will be copy bit by bit.

    and i have another question i have 2 more DSR704, can i do the same with them


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    Noo Hampsha
    You cannot use Ghost. You can use the "dd" program that is on the various Linux boot CDs. It will take many hours to copy a large disk. When you are done and boot the disk in the other TiVo, you will have to do a "Clear and Delete Everything" to get rid of Error 51, or look for a script called 51killer.

    You can do the same with the DSR704s.

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