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OK, fair enough. I do seem vaguely to recall the dual tuner capability was added some time after the unit was purchased. (The unit sat collecting dust in the closet for several months until I drove out to my sister's house and installed the dish.) The question is, "Does the S1 DTiVo require TiVoFlash since its dual tuners are (now) working?" Put another way, does TiVoFlash do something more than enable dual tuner support, or is it required for other hacks even though the dual tuner code has already been downloaded and installed? If not, then I'm not at all sure why I'm bothering with TiVoFlash.
Well, there are two possibilities: Tivoflash ONLY enables dual tuner support; or TiVoflash enables dual tuner support AND bypasses the signature check on the kernel.

It's real easy to check this out: Extract the kernel from your system, run killinitrd (OK! kill_initrd) on a copy of it, then copy the patched kernel back to the drive and see if it boots. Of course, if it doesn't, you'll have to pull the drive, copy a good kernel back, run TiVoFlash, pull the drive, copy a patched kernel again - well, you get the picture.