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Thread: philips directv dsr6000 keeps resetting

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    philips directv dsr6000 keeps resetting

    After using my Philips dsr6000 for 2 years without problems, it is starting to reset it self. Started out occasionaly now 3-4 times a day and getting worse. Any idea what to do?

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    Check the ribbon cable between the power supply and mainboard. Remove the cable and clean the contacts thoroughly. Swap the cable end for end and reseat it at both ends (needle-nosed pliers are a big help here). Repeat as necessary. Check all other cable connections in the DTivo to make sure nothing has come loose. Make sure the fan is connected. If unable to eliminate the reboot problem then run a diagnostic on the hard drive in your PC.
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    One other item - make sure the fan is RUNNING!

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