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Thread: JavaHMO problem on Ubuntu

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    JavaHMO problem on Ubuntu

    I can't seem to get JavaHMO started on Ubuntu 5.04.

    JRE 1.4 & JAI are installed, but when I go to start JavaHMO (/usr/bin/jhmo gui) I get a message that JRE can't be located and to change JAVA_HOME environment. (JRE 1.4.2_09 shows-up when I do "java -version")

    I think the problem is related to the JavaHMO.init. I couldn't find that file after the install (did alien on JavaHMO prm package).

    Should there be an 'init' file?

    If so, where?

    Is there a better way to the java path?


    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I had similar issues under Mandrivia. I ended up making changes to the Unix init files so that JAVA_HOME was set and the directory was added to the path statement. That got everything working.

    In a thing I found they showed making a /usr/java/default directory that was a link to the version of java you wanted to run. That way when you install a new version, you can just change this link to use the version you want. I then used that ./default 'path' for firefox (the plugin) as well so it is easy to change.

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    Getting closer, but not there yet

    Finally, got JavaHMO gui running after setting the JAVA_HOME= variable in the JavaHMO script located in /usr/bin. (Thanks to those that pointed me in the right direction here and elsewhere.)

    Now I just need to figure out how to the JavaHMO Server running.
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